Lent a la Mexicana

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Today is Ash Wednesday the beginning of  Lent, for Catholics and many Christians.   Practicing followers avoid eating meat today and on Fridays during lent.   In the Mexican culture (and Latinos as well), there are many traditional lenten foods that we prepare (a little ironic since the idea is to sacrifice but truly we indulge in these annual delights!)

El Burrito Mercado  offers a variety of the ingredients for home cooking like seafoods, dried ground shrimp, specialty spices and dried chiles.  Our deli is full of non-meat foods too like fresh ceviche(lime cured shrimp), coctel de camaron(shrimp cocktail), chiles rellenos,(whipped egg battered stuffed peppers) ensalada de nopal,(cactus salad) tilapia empanizada (breaded tilapia), pasta & tuna salad, and over a dozen salsas! The grab n go deli also offers items to heat and eat at home.

But El Burrito Cafeteria (cafeteria line) offers a whole selection of traditional foods for lunch and dinner, plus the buffet in El Burrito Restaurante & Bar will feature cheese enchiladas, pepper filled tamales, poblano in a creamy sauce, and wills still feature other favorites like fajitas and guisados.

On our menu you’ll enjoy a selection of traditional foods like:

Tortitas de Camaron con Nopal en Salsa Guajillo (dried shrimp patties with cactus in a red chile sauce)
Mojarra Frita 
Capirotada (Mexican bread pudding, cinnamon, raisins, nuts, piloncillo (brown sugar)

Come early because we do sell out!  No matter if you practice lent or not, any foodie will LOVE our traditional Comida de Vigilia, Mexican lenten food.

Lent a la Mexicana.



Dia de los Muertos 

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Valentine, A True Love Story

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I’m a die hard romantic. I’m in love with love.  I love that it’s happy, sad, painful, pleasant, forgiving, humble, noble, giving, receiving, sensitive, strong, undying, mysterious, sensual, complex, and so much more.  Ever since I was a child I loved the traditional romantic Mexican/Latino singer icons like Pedro Infante, Sara Montiel, El Puma, Rocio Durcal, etc and I’d lock myself in my room and listen to them for hours. I would write poems and love letters to nobody (haha).

So no guessing that I love Valentine’s Day, though I don’t recall the history of why we celebrate it nor do I recall what I learned in Catholic elementary school?

I got curious, so I did some research, and I found this article to be the simplest summary  (because apparently there are several stories- which makes me love the holiday even more!)   All versions are indeed in some way, a form of love.  History of Valentine

According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.

Embrace February and embrace love.  Choose to give and receive love for your neighbor, your child, your parent, your friend, your teacher, your partner, your boss, your co-worker, choose to love.  And with your romantic partner, spice it up, take things up a notch, tell him/her how you feel about them, make it all about them.

Still struggling with plans? El Burrito Mercado is open for dinner and we are offering choice of a complimentary tequila or sparkling wine with your dinner, and an option for a sexy, aphrodisiac inspired dessert, plus live music by the talented duet Pedro y Donna. Reservations through opentable or call 651-227-2192



Are Aphrodisiacs for Real?

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Can you think of a better way to spice up Valentine’s date night than at El Burrito Mercado? We’ll be serving up all the right components: spicy food, romantic music, and aphrodisiac inspired desserts & drinks! Reserve today 651-227-2192

“Spicy foods have long been considered to be sexual stimulants. There is some scientific truth to this claim in that foods that are heavily spiced often contain capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper. Eating capsaicin can cause a physiological response — increased heart rate andmetabolism, sometimes even sweating — that is quite similar to the physical reactions experienced during sex.”

Read the entire article here Aphrodisiacs: Better Sex or Just Bunk:

Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad!


Spicy Food= Spicy Sex Life?

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There’s something about spicy food … not only does it taste SOOO good, it gets your heart going, makes you sweat and gives you a mood boost, it increases your metabolism, has several health benefits AND it’s an aphrodisiac! Read more to find out how to spice up your sex life with spicy food!

via Food and Wine: Spicy Food for a Spicy Sex Life — Suzie the Single Dating Diva

Tamales Are an Experience

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Tamales are not just masa and meats wrapped in corn husks,  a whole experience is wrapped into tamales, they are full of flavor, family, friends, memories, traditions, and history!

The tamale is recorded as early as 5000 BC, possibly 7000 BC in Pre-Columbian history.  The women would make tamales for the hunters or when in battle would travel with them, the tamal is a filling meal and holds well for traveling.

Over the centuries tamales remain as one of the most traditional foods in Mexico, and also in Central & Southern America.  There are so many variety that are often distinguished by the region of Mexico, the technique for the masa (corn dough) making is fairly consistent, however the fillings have a huge variety.  One thing for sure, they are labor intense and time consuming to make, thus now they are so often only made during the holidays or special celebrations.

What I enjoy most of tamales, besides eating them, is the event itself of making the tamales, the tamalada, which is the assemblying of the tamales (soaking the corn husks, spreading the masa, filling them, wrapping them, and cooking).  I guess it’s similar to getting together and making Christmas cookies.  It’s really quite an event to make the tamales, most often entailing 2-3days of preparation for the shopping of ingredients, preparation of the mole, preparation of the masa, then the assembling, and finally the cooking.  If you are making tamales from scratch, and most likely making several dozens, it requires, and is much more fun when family and/or friends participate!  The holidays are a great time for a tamalada, growing up my mom and the tias (aunties) and cousins made everything from scratch.  And if you are planning on making tamales from scratch and it’s your first time, I highly recommend to have at least one experienced person assisting you so you to get perfect tamales, everything from the masa to the sauce to the cooking process has it’s tricks- trust me!  I’m lucky I have El Burrito Mercado to get the prepared masa and tamales fillings so all I have to do is assemble the tamales and cook em up!

Four years ago we held our first tamalada class and people look forward to it now, this weekend we had our 2016 tamalada in our newly expanded La Placita Room and it was a success! Everyone had a great time, my mother, our matriarch, shares some really fun stories and a plethora of information all about tamales while the class sipped on cocktails and ate dinner. Then, the last half of class everyone assembles their tamales, learns about tamales cooking techniques and then enjoy dessert & ponche navideno, each person walks away with a swag bag full of goodies.

Here are some pictures from our 2016 tamalada:


We are offering another tamalada in January, this event is open for kids too, 12yr and older, it’s a wonderful cultural experience, eat delicious authentic dinner, learn the basics about tamale making and then assemble your own to take home and freeze to later cook for your Superbowl party or for any event! Registration is now open and limited capacity, register soon, makes a great holiday gift!

So you see, tamales are not only masa and meats wrapped in the corn husk, also wrapped into each tamal is history, tradition, flavor, memories, and experiences.

Cheers, to your Tamalada!

La Madre de Mexicanos, La Virgen de Guadalupe

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(Scroll for English) 

Virgen de Guadalupe, la madre de todo Mexicano!Con ninguna nación ha hecho nada igual la Virgen. Ella tuvo un gesto muy especial de amor para los mexicanos y sabía que nosotros la quereríamos siempre con todo nuestro corazón.

Mucho Mexicano y Latino celebra el 12 de Diciembre la fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe y todos los días del año, “La Basílica”, o “La Villa”, se llena de miles de peregrinos que vienen de diferentes pueblos a rendir culto a Nuestra Madre , y a pedirle que les de su protección y ayuda.

 Católicos Mexicanos aman y veneran a la Virgencita de Guadalupe, porque es nuestra madre del cielo.

Este mes pediremos a la Virgen de Guadalupe que ayude a todo el pueblo de México, a todos sus hijos, a vivir unidos y a salir adelante. Amala y encomiéndate a ella todos los días. 

Aunque no sea Catolico, uno puede respetar y apreciar el amor del Mexicano y Latino a la Virgen. 

(La historia de la Virgen de Guadalupe: https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuestra_Señora_de_Guadalupe_(México) Our Lady of Guadalupe story http://www.catholic.org/about/guadalupe.php


Virgin of Guadalupe, the mother of all Mexicano!

With no other nation has the Virgen done anything like this. She had a very special love for the Mexicans and she knew that we would always love her with all our heart.

A lot of Mexicans and Latinos celebrate December 12 the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe and every day of the year, at “La Basilica”, or “La Villa”, where it is filled with thousands of pilgrims who come from different villages to worship Our Mother, and to ask her for protection and help.

On this day people from all parts of Mexico make their way to Mexico’s chief religious center at the Basilica of the Virgen of Guadalupe, located in Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo, a northern neighbourhood of Mexico City. There, they will celebrate the Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe) with a mass ceremony and a traditional fair in her honor. The Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe became a national holiday in 1859.

Today, tens of thousands of people travel to Mexico City to visit the place where the Virgin appeared to the Mexican People. The holiday is a national fiesta that includes traditional music and fun attractions. Pilgrims bring presents to the virgin, usually bouquets of flowers while other visitors will perform dances and song for her. Some pilgrims walk on their knees on the stone street leading to the Basilica, asking for miracles or giving thanks to the virgin for a petition granted.

 Today we too honor her & give her thanks at www.elburritomercado.com with songs to her accompanied by Mariachi & complimentary tamales & pan dulce.

Even if you are not Catholic, one can appreciate & respect the love of Mexican & Latino Catholics to la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Viva Mexico! Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!