What Are Sugar Skulls?

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What are Sugar Skulls?
Sugar skulls are  skull-shaped sugar. Traditional Sugar Skulls  are made from a granulated white sugar mixture that is pressed into special skull molds. The sugar mixture is allowed to dry and then the Sugar skull is decorated with icing, feathers, colored foil and more. While the ingredients of Sugar Skulls are edible they are generally used for decorative purposes. However some small sugar skulls that are made with basic icing are intended to be consumed.

How are Sugar Skulls used during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) today?
Sugar Skulls are often used to decorate the ofrendas on Dia de los Muertos which is November 1st and 2nd.

Smaller skulls are placed on the ofrenda on November 1st to represent the children who have deceased.

On November 2nd they are replaced by larger, more ornate skulls which represent the adults.

These decorative skulls have the name of the deceased on the forehead and are decorated with stripes, dots and swirls of icing to enhance the features of the skulls.

These designs are usually very brightly colored and sort of whimsical, not morbid or scary. Feathers, beads or colored foil can be “glued” on with the icing to create really decorative skulls.

Sugar skull given for the Day of the Dead. The...
Sugar skull given for the Day of the Dead. They’re also made with chocolate and amaranto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At El Burrito Mercado  we sell small, edible skulls to be eaten during the holiday these Sugar Skulls are made by various artists who sculpt, paint or create beautiful skulls to be used as decorations, jewelry and more.

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