Create Your Own Opportunites

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According to the U.S. Census bureau over 250,000 people of hispanic decent live in Minnesota that’s around 4.9 percent of Minnesota’s population. I think more than half of them have been to El Burrito Mercado at least once.

El Burrito Mercado, is a Traditional Mexican Market and family business located here in Saint Paul, Minnesota and it is a home away from home for many, hispanics specifically  Mexican’s.  Our mission is to deliver the La Experencia Mexicana (The Mexican Experience) Our market is big with lots of aisles filled with traditional Mexican goods.

It also has a comfortable atmosphere,  our staff is friendly and we have plenty of  regulars, from business lunch meetings for two to families of ten. So how did our local Latino market–that got its start in a tiny St. Paul market–get our Salsas and tamales on the shelves of 126 SuperTarget stores across the nation?

We popped up on Minneapolis-based Target Corp.‘s radar screen because we offer Traditional Mexican products and we have built a strong  relationship with the local Hispanic community.

My parents opened El Burrito Mercado in 1979, and it has become a Twin Cities Latino Landmark.  Our authentic cuisine and has has won awards and played host to national and international dignitaries like Vice President Dick Cheney and Mexican President Vicente Fox.

As an entrepreneur it is important to remain authentic in all you do. By remaining true to your clients your clients will remain true to you.



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