Growing the Brand

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In 2004 at El Burrito Mercado we began producing and packaging authentic Mexican foods to be  sold under the brand name of El Burrito Mercado. The product’s quality is held to the high standards of the Silva family assuring an authentic Mexican experience.

We continue to develop our products with careful attention to ingredients, preparation and packaging assuring “La Experiencia Mexicana” (The Mexican Experience).

As Director of Marketing I am responsible for the development of our retail marketing strategy.  I am also accountable for building strategies focused on growth across market segments.

I accomplish these goals in many ways:

  • One way was by brokering a deal with the Midtown Global Market. Just like our flagship store, this new Pop-Up style El Burrito Mercado has a grocery store component, as well as Mexican cuisine, gifts, and housewares for sale. Our classic enchiladas and burritos are served from a cafeteria-style restaurant.
  • Another way I accomplished this goal was before Cinco de Mayo we acquired a liquor license from the city of St. Paul. so our patrons could enjoy a margarita with their gorditas or enchiladas.We held a Grand Opening with a margarita garden in our parking lot on May 4 and 5. We served tequilas and a few other liquors and cocktails.I also held an event to show off the new bar and offer a sneak peek of our margaritas. The entire event, which included a market tour, a salsa-making demonstration, dinner and a margarita, costs $40.

The response we recieved from our patron was priceless. If you want to build your brand try being as authentic as possible.



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