Tamales & Ponche Recipe

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Last weekend before Christmas, last minute shopping and planning.  Most families have holiday traditions and foods they share, for Mexican families, many will start early December 24th to prepare the tamales fresh and eat them that “Noche Buena”(night of Dec 24).

Attached is the recipe we shared during our Tamalada, (there are many variations of recipes, we chose the most basic which is pork in red sauce) but of course you can use green sauce too with chicken, beef, cheese, beans, veggies, or peppers fillings.

Some look at the recipe and get a little intimidated, don’t! It’s completely doable, if you are unfamiliar with some of the items in the ingredients list, come to El Burrito Mercado and a staff member will assist you.  The trickiest part is getting the masa(corn dough) just right, for this I recommend using our prepared masa, it’s the most sure way (if you have never made masa on your own) to achieve great tamales!  Depending on how many tamales you are going to make, it can be time consuming, for this recipe and if you are using our prepared masa, plan for about 2-3hours plus cooking time. 

I am also sharing a recipe for Ponche Navideno, hot fruity punch, traditional and tasty for Christmas & New Year celebrations.  A tip for this: we sell frozen Goya bags of all the items for the ponche, just add cinnamon sticks, piloncillo, and water!

Happy tamales making & Feliz Navidad!  May your holiday be filled with many blessings & joy.Image



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