Adios y Gracias 2013… Hellloooo 2014!

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I’d like to share with you a few of my 2013 highlights & goals:


  • El Burrito Mercado gets into MN State Fair.
  • Both of my daughters (my babies)are in high school.
  • My father’s lung cancer was detected on time & did not spread!
  • I received my Certificate of Advanced Leadership from St. Kate’s.
  • Successfully hosted three new Experiencia Mexicana events at our St. Paul store location
  • El Burrito Mercado obtained a liquor license thus increasing sales & expansion opportunities!

And I am absolutely stimulated for 2014!

When I turned 40yrs old, (two years ago- I’m proud of my age & I love being 40something!) I set some goals, somewhat ambitious and specific. I decided that I want to become known as one of the most successful and influential business Latinas in Minnesota by age 45. 

Successful, by definition for me in this context, signifies to consistently surpass forecast sales, develop & expand the family business, further strengthen our brand, and to establish a popularity and demand for my ‘Experiencia Mexicana’ classes, workshops, and presentations. 

I’m sharing my professional goals with you for two reasons 1) accountability, and 2) you can help me achieve these goals by starting, or continuing your loyalty to El Burrito Mercado, as well as support my Experiencia Mexicana events.  To stay informed about all we do, follow me and El Burrito Mercado on Twitter @elburritom and @milissamn on Facebook, our website and of course these blogs!

I feel wonderful about 2013 and the steps I’ve taken toward those goals and am ready for 2014!

A new year to me represents new opportunities & second chances, it’s like a fresh page, a clean start.  I anticipate my 2014 blogging skills & posts will also grow & improve, and I look forward to my work encompassing a larger network.

Whatever you do this evening to say adios to 2013,(perhaps this includes salsa dancing at home or with my amigos of Premier Latino Events at Paraiso Lounge), squeeze in some quality quiet time today or tomorrow to write down your goals and share them, find an accountability partner! And, if you are hanging on to regrets & mistakes, go ahead and write them down too, then have a ceremonial ‘burn em up and move on already’ event.

Amigos, I wish you the best this coming year, embrace 2014! Feliz Ano Nuevo and salud to Experiencias Mexicanas!

Con Carino,




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