Flautas, aka Taquitos, a Family Favorite

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I was invited to be on Twin Cities Live to share with you about one of our family’s favorite Mexican recipe. While ‘flautas’, aka ‘taquitos’ on the west coast, are not the most authentic nor historical food in Mexican cuisine, it’s a food that is appealing especially kids thus becoming our family’s favorite.  The easy recipe itself doesn’t call for any sauce nor chiles, but we spice it up with our creamy avocado salsa and pickled purple onion with slivers of habanero in it for an extra kick. We always complete our flautas dinner by garnishing with sour cream, salsa aguacate, finely chopped cabbage, chopped cilantro, crumbled queso fresco, and side with rice and beans!

I had a great time on the show, and while being live is not completely new to me, I still get a bit nervous when I need to cover a recipe and story in 5minutes or less! Yet, I think you’ll appreciate the content in this video, I am so grateful to TCL for the invite, thanks to shout outs like this that help small business’ like ours! The video walks through the recipe quickly, on their website are the printable recipes and really, a flautas dinner for four can easily be complete in less than an hour; and, if you buy everything already prepared from our deli, dinner is done in less than :30!

Click here to enjoy the video!! Flautas, A family favorite



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