Pupusas, Arepas, & Gorditas, The other Latino “Sandwiches”

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I love foods that fit into its own little ‘carry pouches’! I enjoy sandwiches, tortas, burritos, tacos, arepas, gorditas,(the little fat one) and a couple years ago I was introduced to one of my new favorites, pupusas!

Pupusas are from El Salvador, similar to the Mexican Gordita or Latin American cuisine Arepas. Also, like tamales, pupusas are traced back centuries to indigenous recipes.  And also like tamales, it’s an all in one delighful little package!

Traditional fillings of this corn dough thick ‘patty’ are cheese with loroco (a green herb  grown in Central America, faintly similar to chard), beans, and finely mashed pork, the patty is stuffed and then cooked- unlike gorditas or arepas which are first cooked then stuffed.  They take a little while to cook on the griddle but are so worth the wait! Pupusas are then garnished with a tasty, spicy slaw like salad and its own special sauce.

Proudly, our staff from El Salvador have shared their delicious pupusa making skills with us and we are hooked and we are sure you will be too!

Try them during EL BURRITO MERCADO Tardes de Pupusas daily after 3pm!


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