Mexicanized Summer Picnics

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Nothing says summer more than here at El Burrito Mercado with our outdoor elotes(corn) stand and taco patio! Our roasted corn machines are staple to our business, our fathers first business experience was selling corn on the streets from a push cart in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. And now, he owns three corn roasting machines which service our business every weekend and crowds have also come to enjoy our elotes (and other Mexican foods) at festivals like Cinco de Mayo Grand Ol Days Soundset and many more!

Mexican street corn is prepared with sour cream, queso cotija (parmesan like cheese), and sprinkled with a spicy chile powder.


And every weekend on the taco patio we offer tacos with meat choices from our butcher shop homemade chorizo, carne asada, tripa (beef or pork tripe), and the most popular of street tacos Tacos al Pastor from the trompo (seasoned pork trump).

Trompo de Carne al Pastor

In addition to the tasty outside street foods, we also offer inside the mercado a Botana(snack) Bar with popular snacks like Chamango, (blend of mango, chamoy sauce, spicy sauce), esquite (steamed corn kernels prepared with lime, cheese, chile powder) pina loca and several other unique and refreshing Mexican snacks.

Pina Loca

These are just a few of the traditional foods we offer at the mercado, there is also an extensive variety of produce, meats, and deli items to create your own “Mexicanized” summer foods.

Here are some ideas for your home picnics:

CARNICERIA(Butcher Shop):

Homemade chorizos: just place on the grill and cook like a brat, when cooked through, slice and make tacos, you can even heat the tortillas right on the grill! Garnish with lime, cilantro, avocado slices.

Put a griddle on the grill and sizzle some pre-seasoned fajitas, asada(beef), or pastor(seaoned pork), when cooked make tacos!


Chiles: Slice open on one side any variety of the peppers (my favorites are chile guero and jalapenos) stuff with cheese and wrap in foil, place on the grill- delicious with the tacos! Or, just place peppers on grill and garnish tacos or salads.

Chiles filled with Cheese- eat alone or in a tortilla!

Nopal: Fresh cactus, carefully hold from the thicker end, with a knife scrape the needles safely into a container or trash, wash well, and place right on the griddle, lightly salt, when toasty and the cooked through, removed and slice up- also a great vegetarian taco option!

Nopales & Chiles
Nopales and Chiles

Frutas Frescas (fruits): a most common snack/dessert for Mexicanos is fresh fruits, a plate of fresh cut fruits is commonly seasoned with either a spicy chile powder (most popular brand is Tajin) or drizzled with honey, yogurt, and dry coconut.

Pre-packaged fruits with Tajin


A customer favorite at festivals we participate is Mango on a Stick, this year new to Grand Ol Days will be Chamango on a Stick!

mango on stick

BEBIDAS (beverages):

You can even Mexicanize your picnics with a variety of unique beverages! Agua de Jamaica is delicious and refreshing, sweetened hibiscus tea, Jarritos sodas is always fun with so many fun soda flavors like Tamarind, Mango, Mandarin, Pineapple, etc (Use the grapefruit flavored soda for delicious “Paloma”- ice, tequila, 1freshly squeezed lime juice, and grapefruit Jarritos soda!)

Jarritos Sodas

Aguas de fruta (flavored waters with fresh fruits) is also very typical, Agua de Sandia or Guava are my favorites! Blend 1/2 water, 1/2 fruit, ice and sweeten to taste. (Rim the glass with chile Tajin powder for a little spicy kick to your beverage!)

Watermelon with Tajin

Every season there are delicious ways to Mexicanize your foods, summer is all about being outside and enjoying ‘carne asadas (aka cookouts/picnics). Mexican cuisine offers a variety of simple and tasty options, and El Burrito Mercado is the best place in Minnesota to explore and experience la experiencia mexicana.  We also offer catering options in which we bring the experience to your special celebration, the most popular is our Taquiza (taco cook out), contact me directly for meal ideas, shopping assistance, or to schedule your catering event.

Enjoy, and feliz verano (happy summer)!




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    cakesbygale said:
    July 1, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    This looks so good! Just like how your dad inspired a lot of the meals on your blog, our grandma inspired the meals on ours!

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