Culture at the MN State Fair

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Our family business, El Burrito Mercado, is thrilled to once again be in the International Bazaar MN State Fair! Each year we bring something new from Mexico, and this year is no exception.  Our booth will feature displays with items in the following themes:

Talavera & Barro Tradicional (Ceramic & Clay)

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Navidad y Nacimientos (Christmas & Nativities)

Fiestas Mexicanas (Cinco de Mayo & Mexican Independence)

Arte Religioso (Religious Art)

Juguetes y Juegos (Traditional Toys & Games)

Each display will contain information about the category so that fair goers will be educated about the items the purchase, we want them to understand La Experiencia Mexicana, so they’ll feel even better about the beautiful pieces they are collecting! We hope you’ll visit our booth at the big get together aka MN State Fair August 27-Sept 7!

NOTE: We frequently are asked where our food booth is at the fair, unfortunately our application has not yet been selected, but we aren’t giving up! We continue to apply every year! Perhaps you too could express your interest to administration in seeing our food at the fair? We appreciate the support!

Also, catch me this Friday early morning on Fox9 News with Dale the Garden Guy for salsa making fun!

statfr11259508_814403975343856_1621507366034733768_n1073936Margarita-Blue-Salsa-Bowl2ARTESANIA NACIMENTOPaper Mache Skeletons

Also, mark your calendar, this Friday September 4 I will be presenting at the Eco Exhibit at 11am, 1pm, and, 3pm.  This  year Renewing the Countryside is focusing on agriCULTURE an emphasis on multicultural farmers & business’ in the Twin Cities and we are one of them! Some of the ways they are featuring us is through:

• A series of educational kiosks that use a combination of photos, facts, and interactive panels. Each kiosk will share stories of a different immigrant group.

• Three daily cooking demonstrations, where local chefs and foodmakers cook foods from different immigrant cultures using local ingredients.

• Daily food sampling from different immigrant and minority communities.

El Burrito Mercado recently announced that we are at the intermediate stages of providing organic produce from local farmers in our produce. And, by next summer, we hope to have both a fuller organic produce section as well as farm to table selections in our deli and restaurant, one of my demos will be a sneak peek of one of the recipes.

I look forward to meeting you at the Minnesota State Fair!



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