Celebrate a Little Piece of Mexico in Minnesota

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Thanks to particular individuals in the media (whose name does not deserved to be mentioned), I know I am not alone when I express that I have never felt more proud of my heritage roots, more motivated to grow our business, and more driven to inspire others to practice their right to vote! Celebrating our heritage has never felt so good! (for that many of us thank you, you awoke the sleeping giants in us!)

Hispanic Heritage Month, whose roots go back to 1968, begins each year on September 15, the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile and Belize also celebrate their independence days during this period and Columbus Day (Día de la Raza) is October 12.  Hispanics have had a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service. They have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multicultural customs of their community. www.hispanicheritagemonth.org

Specifically in Mexico’s Independence is celebrated on September 16, and on this date in 1810, a progressive priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla became the father of Mexican independence with a historic proclamation urging his fellow Mexicans to take up arms against the Spanish government. Known as the “Grito de Dolores” (the shouts of Hidalgo) Hidalgo’s declaration launched a decade-long struggle that ended 300 years of colonial rule, established an independent Mexico and helped cultivate a unique Mexican identity.  The Grito de Dolores is a tradition repeated every 16th of September at midnight, the President of Mexico recites it, Mexican consulates all over the world recite it, in small ranches in Mexico to the big cities here in USA, we recite it.  It is the the shouts that any and every Mexican gets the goosebumps as we all respond to his shouts in a loud, powerful, and enthusiastic “VIVA MEXICO”, here is a video that reenacts the Grito The Mexican anthem is traditionally sang after the Grito,

All over Mexico and many generations of Mexicanos in the USA celebrate Mexican Independence (not cinco de mayo), with festivals, fireworks, concerts, Mariachi, dances, folklore, food, and cultural demonstrations.   It’s a beautiful thing that our traditions continue here in the US, something I am very proud of, and every year the awareness and celebrations seem to increase.

According to the US Census Bureau 2014 estimated Hispanic population was 5,547,173. Today, according to the latest Census data, the Hispanic population in the United States totals 54 million, making it the largest ethnic or racial minority in the nation. Within the US Hispanic population, 64 percent of Hispanics are of Mexican descent followed by Puerto Ricans at 9.4 percent, Salvadorans at 3.8 percent, Cubans at 3.7 percent, Dominicans at 3.1 percent and Guatemalans at 2.3 percent.   The presence of the Hispanic population is evident in many ways, the influences are undisputable in the mainstream supermarkets Hispanic or ethnic aisles,  music influences, and especially impressive are the Latino owned business, check out these numbers:

There are more than 3 million Latino-owned businesses in the U.S., a number up more than 40 percent since 2007, according to a Hispanics in Business 2014 study, released by Geoscape and published in partnership with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Financial experts say Hispanics are starting businesses at three times the national rate, fueling the economy, empowering Hispanic families and all while changing main street USA.

Never before, analysts say, has the success of America’s small businesses been so dependent on the success of Hispanic families. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/money/2015/02/19/us-economy-being-fueled-by-success-hispanic-owned-business/

Clearly, there is much to celebrate! All over the country there are Hispanic Heritage celebrations, Twin Cities included.  Whether or not you are Latino, surely, in some way, if you live in the USA, your life is touched in some way by us, so celebrate with us!

Here are some activities around the Twin Cities:


El Burrito Mercado Silva Concession’s will have a food booth at Monarch Festival this Saturday, Sept 12 and at the Festival en la Lake on Sunday, September 13.  Also, at El Burrito Mercado this Sunday, Sept. 12 Mariachi Estrella from 12pm-3pm, and on Tuesday, September 15, 5-7pm samplings from our the deli, free cookies for the kids, elotes(roasted corn) and other specials throughout!

Our specials throughout the month of September!

El Burrito Mercado is a little piece of Mexico in Minnesota, there is so much to experience, the cheery music, aromas of our talented cooks, vibrant colors of our Mexican imported arts and gifts, grocery, fresh produce, full service traditional butcher shop, fresh bakery and pastries, restaurant with authentic foods, a bar with refreshing margaritas and cervezas, and a hard working team that is pleased to serve you, come celebrate with us!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp9v2JhZr98 El Burrito Mercado video

We look forward to celebrating with you, I’m an avid believer that people will better embrace diversity through cultural experiences, when we break stereotypes and learn about the traditions, foods, and values of our cultures, we build familiarity, and all of the sudden, people aren’t are no longer afraid of eachother. I am witness to this through many personal experiences, food brings people together, and it can bring people closer.  If you are planning a fiesta at home, school, club, or for the workplace, we can help you plan it whether you contract our catering services or do it yourself, I am happy and willing to help, email me your questions milissa@elburritomercado.com

Viva Mexico! Viva Latino America! Viva Centro America! Viva Minnesota! Viva United States of America, and Viva El Burrito Mercado!

With love,



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