Celebration of Carnitas, for the love of pork!

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IMG_2278Thanks to the town of San Francisco de los Romos aka San Pancho de las Carnitas (Pancho is nickname for Francisco, carnitas is the general term used for a variety of cooked pork) in Aguascalientes, Mexico, they gave carnitas fame & glory!

Aguascalientes is where my parents are from! San Pancho de las Carnitas is a tourist attraction primarily for it’s delicious forms of cooking carnitas.  Aguascalientes (translates ‘hot waters) fairly central in Mexico, and though now in less abundance, has hot thermal waters.


This year the municipal of San Francisco de los Romos is hosting its 1st Annual Festival de las Carnitas, an event to celebrate that for which the town is famously known, the gastronomy of the region, and in particular, its carnitas! Entertainment, folklore, and food will be featured throughout the weekend long celebration.  The tourist attraction is expecting visitors from all over the state and regional area.

My father is the one that started the carnitas cooking in our family business El Burrito Mercado and although retired, he is still our biggest critic and we love it! In our exclusive Mexican deli we continue to feature carnitas, you’ll find the traditional carnitas made from pork butt and most commonly chopped to use in torta sandwiches or in tacos.   We also cook on site chicharron tronador, chorizos, surtido, chales, guisados, and pastor.  And in our mercado we offer the fullest & traditional variety of pork (as well as beef & poultry) in the butcher shop, grocery, deli, and botana bar.

Chicharron (fried pork rind)
chicharron prensado 1
Chicharron Prensado en Salsa Roja
Pata de Puerco en Vinagre (pickled pigs feet)
Chicharron en Salsa Verde
IMG_2273 IMG_2274

In honor of my parents roots, in celebration with the Festival de las Carnitas, and for the love of pork, we have decided to also celebrate carnitas starting small this year with the idea of a bigger festival next year! This Sunday October 11, we will have mariachi, live music, and we will feature carnitas, chorizo, chicharron sancocho, & pastor on our Taco Patio outside in back of our building.  In El Cafe Restaurant y Bar, we are offering Festival de las Carnitas Platillo a plate full of chorizo, carnitas, pork ribs, and guisado de chicharron, rice & beans!  In the deli buy 5lb of carnitas and receive free 1/2lb salsa and 1dz tortilla, Botana Bar (snack bar)) Cueritos Preparados, and in the grocery & meat department specials too! 

If you choose to come buy pork butt, nake your own carnitas, here is a recipe with both fried & baked options! http://www.mexicoinmykitchen.com/2009/08/how-to-make-pork-carnitas.html?m=1

Restaurant Special, Festival de Carnitas Platillo, carnitas, chorizo, guisado, and costillas!
Taco Patio: Trompo de Carne Pastor (seasoned pork meat for tacos)
Botana Bar: Cueritos (pickled pork skin) prepared on chicharron de harina (fried pressed flour) cabbage, tomato, cucumber, sourcream, and salsa
Join us this Sunday for the Celebracion de las Carnitas, 12-5pm, eat, shop, explore and celebrate La Experiencia Mexicana!


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