Tamales y Atole

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Traditional heartwarming, stomach filling, tasty delights! Also, it’s our traditional breakfast, (or anytime) for cold days go-to food!

In my last blog How to plan a Tamalada https://msilvadiaz.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/how-to-plan-a-tamalada/ I gave tips on making your tamales, and here’s a great way to enjoy your tamales.

On cold winter mirnings in Mexico (and Central & Latin Anerica) you’ll find “puestos” food vendors on the street corners set up with a little burner selling steaming hot tamales & and atole or champurrado.

The traditional version of atole is made with fresh ground corn, piloncillo, vanilla, a variety of other ingredients and fruit flavors, though elote (corn) is my favorite! Most people use ready made masa and corn starch or pre-flavored from brands like Maizena.  And when it’s made with chocolate, it’s called champurrado.  

At El Burrito Mercado El Cafe Restaurant, through the winter we sell daily 7-11am two tamales and atole for only $5.00, a great deal for a delicious and satisfying  breakfast.  If you want to make your own, we can help you with that too, there are a variety of recipes online and it really depends on how strongly you feel about making it from scratch, either recipe you choose, stop into the mercado for your ingredients. 

Here is a recipe you may want to consider grom Mexico in my Kitchen

As an additional challenge, I’ve included a link to a Spanish recipe for Pineapple Atole  Viva la Cocina


Maizena atole flavor varieties in our mercado
Buen provecho, enjoy these delights!  



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