Las Posadas & Mexican Holiday Foods & Traditions

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The holidays for Mexicanos & Latinos is a rich religious experience, literally and figuratively.
We kick off December with honoring and celebrating La Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12 with songs, prayers, dance, and celebration.  The story and beliefs of La Virgen is a beautiful story of faith, perseverance, and miracles, it’s one I personally embrace culturally and spiritually.  I recently shared with a woman who was unfamiliar with the story, and she was moved by my passion and excitement as I shared the beautiful experience, I go to the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe located at 401 Concord St, St. Paul, MN it’s a real goosebump experience, hundreds of people visit from Dec 11-12, believers bring hundreds of dozens of roses, songs, and even traditonal dance, families give away tamales in honor of La Virgen, it’s really a beautiful thing to witness, and in today’s ugliness, faith, hope, and prayer is much needed!  Information for the celebration masses are here:
In summary, las posadas are a spiritual travel with Mary & Joseph seeking an inn for bringing baby Jesus into this world.  It’s a prayerful re-enactment for the nine nights before Christmas with prayers, song, and yup, sharing of traditional holiday foods. (This is the traditional posada, often times the expression “vamos a hacer una posada” (we are going to have a posada)  really just means we are going to have a holiday party).  Many families and some local churches host posadas, it’s a fun Christmas experience, it gets me in the spirit.
And one of the favorite parts of posadas and Christmas is the food! Below is a list of the most Mexican traditional holiday foods.
TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY MEALS, I’ve linked the foods to recipes I find to be easy to follow, authentic, and the ingredients you’ll find at El Burrito Mercado.

Roasted Adobada Pork Leg, or the Roasted Pork Leg in a variety of savory marinades.

Most families, will also traditionally serve tamales, which will vary with family traditions or the regional customs. Here you can find the links for the
Tamales Huastecos (from the region of Veracruz and Huasteca Area), Pork Tamales, and the very popular Chicken in Green Sauce Tamales.
Tamales Oaxaquenas most common in the southern of Mexico, a plantain banana leaf is used to wrap the masa and filling delights. Common fillings are chicken, shrimp, and pork.
Tamales Tradicionales I’ve shared in abundance about tamales! We have a variety of flavors stocked, chicken, pork, vegetarian, sweet and more during the holidays!
Tamales Variety
Pozole is an easy and popular soup that is prepared for the holiday season, spicy, tasty, filling, and easy!
Romeritos – is a Mexican dish from Southern Mexico, consisting of sprigs of a wild plant known as seepweed. In Spanish it is known as romerito. That name in English means “little rosemary”, but seepweeds do not resemble such plant, it’s most traditional in a red mole sauce with tortitas de camaron ‘shrimp fritter’.
Salted Cod-Bacalao Navideño
And finally, to end with a sweet treats,
Buñuelos is a must for posadas and Christmas! My mom loves it without the sugar/cinnamon coating and instead makes miel dulce from piloncillo, anise, and some guava chunks!
weddings cookies, which are popular mostly in the northern states.

Atole – Is a popular hot, thick, flavored corn starch based beverage, popular flavors are vanilla, strawberry, or guava. Champurrado is a chocolate and masa base hot drink.

Ponche –hot fruit punch simmered with tejocotes, tamarindo, guava and sweetened with piloncillo (brown sugar, molasses flavored, cone shaped sweetener), anise, cinnamon sticks.

Felices Posadas Amigos!




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