Feliz Navidad & Happy New Year!

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Some of the friendly faces you’ll see hard work at El Burrito Mercado, they are dedicated, loyal, and so hard working! Our staff put their heart into what they do, our management team leads with passion and dedication, they are the absolute best, we would not continue growing if it were not for the wonderful people that I am so blessed to work with! Gracias companeros, que Dios los bendiga siempre, y Feliz Navidad!

2015 was an excellent year for us, interesting, typically January -February are slow months, however, 2015 started strong and remained strong.  It was very unpredictable, though it was great, we are ending exceeding our sales forecast, and that feels great! What’s more, 2016 looks even more promising.

My two biggest challenges(there were several) this year were the closing of our location at Midtown Global Market,  it was a meaningful lesson for me to always listen to that little voice and follow your instinct (trust yourself), and employee turnover was especially challenging this year.  I realized it was a trend across the food service industry and many restaurants were suffering in this way, booming restaurant business throughout the twin cities, but no food service employees.   It was extremely frustrating to have a growing business and to be short staffed, I was so concerned that it would backfire on me because if strong customer service suffered, it could inevitably affect continued growth.  And, employees were working overtime, I was concerned they’d burn out. Thankfully, towards last quarter, things turned around and we are doing great!

And the two most outstanding highlights for me, the approval for multi-phase expansion projects which includes restrooms added to the Cafe & Bar which allows for us to finally stay open later in the bar, a walk in cooler/freezer adjacent to the kitchen, a corridor build between the restaurant cafeteria line direct to kitchen, outdoor patio, and pending final phase approval is the expansion of our Cafe & Bar space for banquet room for private parties, classes, and overflow seating. The second highlight, is that we purchased the Placita (open space) which is the open lot next to our building, this year it will primarily be utilized for private events and for rent, however the ultimate goal is to create an extended patio for the restaurant with a traditional patio with family fiestas on the weekends including Mexican folkloric dancers, Mariachi, and other daytime family entertainment.

It’s all very exciting, and like all large phased projects, it will take time and patience to accomplish these goals, we look forward to share the updates and invite you to the grand openings.

And to all of you, our dear loyal customers, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!   We are so ever grateful to our staff and to all of you for your loyalty and support this past year!

Con Carino,







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