Olympics 2016

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Olympics2016 Kicked off yesterday in Brazil and it was so colorful  and energizing to watch.  Watching the olympics is always a fun thing to do with families and friends.  I’m so excited that it’s in brazil, so much culture & beauty! Since most us can’t go to Brazil for this, bring Brazil here! 

If you are planning an olympics viewing get together, have fun & make an event of it! 

Stop in to El Burrito Mercado and grab the following items for your “festa” viewing party! 

Start with bright decorative colors for the table like runners or placemats from our gift & decor area.

Guarana beverages (in cans or 2liter) a refreshing tasty soda.

Have your own “churrasco” which is basically a skewer style barbecue- add vegetables like corn or zucchini too. Our carnicera (butcher shop) and produce is full of options.

And complete your “festa” with white rice and beans  (Try Goya’s beans) and a beautiful leafy salad or research Brazilian Salpicao salad (a creamy chicken and shoestring potato salad),  

Bom Proveito! (Portuguese) 

Buen Provecho, Bon (good)Appetite


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