La Madre de Mexicanos, La Virgen de Guadalupe

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Virgen de Guadalupe, la madre de todo Mexicano!Con ninguna nación ha hecho nada igual la Virgen. Ella tuvo un gesto muy especial de amor para los mexicanos y sabía que nosotros la quereríamos siempre con todo nuestro corazón.

Mucho Mexicano y Latino celebra el 12 de Diciembre la fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe y todos los días del año, “La Basílica”, o “La Villa”, se llena de miles de peregrinos que vienen de diferentes pueblos a rendir culto a Nuestra Madre , y a pedirle que les de su protección y ayuda.

 Católicos Mexicanos aman y veneran a la Virgencita de Guadalupe, porque es nuestra madre del cielo.

Este mes pediremos a la Virgen de Guadalupe que ayude a todo el pueblo de México, a todos sus hijos, a vivir unidos y a salir adelante. Amala y encomiéndate a ella todos los días. 

Aunque no sea Catolico, uno puede respetar y apreciar el amor del Mexicano y Latino a la Virgen. 

(La historia de la Virgen de Guadalupe:ñora_de_Guadalupe_(México) Our Lady of Guadalupe story


Virgin of Guadalupe, the mother of all Mexicano!

With no other nation has the Virgen done anything like this. She had a very special love for the Mexicans and she knew that we would always love her with all our heart.

A lot of Mexicans and Latinos celebrate December 12 the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe and every day of the year, at “La Basilica”, or “La Villa”, where it is filled with thousands of pilgrims who come from different villages to worship Our Mother, and to ask her for protection and help.

On this day people from all parts of Mexico make their way to Mexico’s chief religious center at the Basilica of the Virgen of Guadalupe, located in Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo, a northern neighbourhood of Mexico City. There, they will celebrate the Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe) with a mass ceremony and a traditional fair in her honor. The Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe became a national holiday in 1859.

Today, tens of thousands of people travel to Mexico City to visit the place where the Virgin appeared to the Mexican People. The holiday is a national fiesta that includes traditional music and fun attractions. Pilgrims bring presents to the virgin, usually bouquets of flowers while other visitors will perform dances and song for her. Some pilgrims walk on their knees on the stone street leading to the Basilica, asking for miracles or giving thanks to the virgin for a petition granted.

 Today we too honor her & give her thanks at with songs to her accompanied by Mariachi & complimentary tamales & pan dulce.

Even if you are not Catholic, one can appreciate & respect the love of Mexican & Latino Catholics to la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Viva Mexico! Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!


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