“…And I Could Feel Mexico”

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I was Born and raised on the now culturally diverse “Westside” community of St. Paul, I found rescue and joy in discovering my heritage through performing Mexican folklore at the age of 8, participated in a Latina pageant, Embajadora Hispana, a leadership program for Latina youth, and most importantly, as it relates to my culture, I was blessed with the unique opportunity to grow up in one of Minnesota’s favorite Mexican market & restaurant, El Burrito Mercado.

  Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was being raised bi-culturally (in the very upper midwest),  however, what I did know at the time, was that in spite of being raised in a very, very caucasian city, (St. Paul in the 1980’s early 90’s looked very different than it does today), I was exposed to my heritage through Our Lady of Guadalupe church, Mexican Folklorico dancing, and our family business, El Burrito Mercado.  And, probably one of the most influential experiences for me culturally, was that a very young age my dad took us to his humble pueblo (small town) where he was raised in the outskirts of Aguascalientes, Mexico, and I fell in love with it!

I recall one of my first visits to the farm in Mexico, there was no toilet, just a hole in the ground, the cows were just on the other side of the ‘kitchen’ (a table, a shelf, and a stove. The ‘sink’ was a pipe sticking out of the ground with pumping water and a bucket (and I loved to wash dishes!) I loved going to the little corner tiendita (store) and exchanging the coke bottles, and getting my soda in a plastic bag with a straw.  I loved the movie in a patio or placita where the whole pueblo could go watch (and novios could hide in dark corners), I loved the smell of fresh corn tortillas and trying to help tia San Juana make fresh tortillas early in the morning. The primos (cousins) had their fun giggles at my expense!  I felt I belonged, everybody looked like me, the food was the same food my mom made at home, everybody spoke the same language my dad spoke to us, I was overwhelmed with emotions, and I could feel Mexico.  I remember one of those early trips to Aguascalientes, that I cried when we had to leave, I did not want to go back to gringolandia where hardly anybody looked like me, and where I felt like an alien in school.  I felt Mexico calling me and I went to study abroad in Guadalajara during my college years, it was another impacting life milestone.  But when I was home here in Minnesota, the only place I felt I truly belonged was at El Burrito Mercado, I was 8yrs old when my parents bought the tiny market, I’ll be 45yr old this year, it’s a part of me.

My bi-cultural life was filled with both wonderful, cultural experiences and difficult adversities, and I embrace all of it because it has brought me to the place I am now, and I am happy. I love Mexico and I love USA! I cry when I watch an Amalia Hernandez folklorico production and I am equally moved by American favorites broadways, I cried at the death of our querido Juan Gabriel and was also emotional at the death of Prince. I love tacos and I love hamburgers. I take great pride in both my Mexican-ness and my American-ness.

Though as a child and through adoloscence I struggled with my identity and finding my ‘true self’, years ago I finally understood that I didn’t have to choose one culture or the other, I learned to embrace both and it is now my compelling drive and vision for the business.  I feel lucky because I get two of everything, and you should have that too! So, I have chosen to infuse others with my passion sharing la experiencia Mexicana through El Burrito Mercado. The most rewarding comments we get from both new customers and loyal customers, is that they feel like they are somewhere else when they visit, they feel they are in Mexico, the music, the fresh authentic foods, the aromas, and the nostalgia they experience when they browse through the mercado and find ingredients and brands from Mexico and Latino America too. It’s what keeps me inspired!

And now, in my still new role as a partner legacy-owner, and CEO of El Burrito Mercado, and where I am often affectionately referred to from my staff as “La Jefa” or the boss, (to which I respond, “just call me Milissa!”), I am combining my passion for Mexican culture, my entrepreneurial spark, and my desire for improving cultural disparities & stereotypes by keeping our business model authentic, quality, and offering traditional experiencias Mexicanas.

It’s not just about the experiential aspect of our business that I enjoy, I also perfectly understand and am also motivated by the challenges of being a profitable and growing small business. Though truly, I am primarily inspired by the notion of offering something unique to people, it’s an exciting time for our family, Mexicana, women owned and operated business.

This week kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15, September 15 is significant because it is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on September 16 and September18, respectively. And though I celebrate our heritage every day, I recognize that not everyone else does.  I consider this a time for our country to recognize all the contributions and richness Hispanos, Latinos have gifted to our country, and to embrace that richness by celebrating, learning, and sharing. 

Our Resident Decorator/Artist Denisea Elsola is dressing up the entire mercado with festive decor, we are featuring specials to intrigue you to try something new:



If you are planning your own fiesta at home, school, or work and want some ideas on how to celebrate, email me milissa@elburritomercado.com or for help with catering food and a specialty margarita bar, contact my niece, Catering & Special Events Manager, Analita, analita@elburritomercado.com


In addition to our mercado’s already unique style and ambiance for shopping, drinking, and eating, I am so excited about our expanding El Cafe y Bar to include more events and experiences, the indoor expansion will be complete in October and La Placita Patio will open in May 2017, more details and information coming soon! 

Finally, I am thrilled to be a member of the host committee for Casa de Esperanza’s 1st Annual Latina Leadership Celebration.  If you are searching a unique opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, this is an important event to consider attending on September 30th. Details about the organization and how to attend the event are through this Honoring Latina Leadership link

Viva Mexico, visit us soon and visit us often!




Tacos de Carne Asada

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“Which meat should I use for making carne asada?” It’s the numero uno question from customers seeking la experiencia mexicana and wanting to mexicanize their summer picnics. Carne asada literally means ‘grilled meat’, we tend to use it loosely “let’s have carne asada” is the equivalent to saying “let’s have a picnic”.

Minnesota Beef Council  sponsoring the 12 days of grilling and featured on channel 5 Twin Cities Live.

As seen on the TCLive segment,  I suggested for carne asadas from our El Burrito Mercado13909197_1007759459341639_6569780300759430826_o carniceria (meat market):

Arrachera, thinly sliced skirt steak

Diezmillo, thinly sliced sirloin chuck steak

Carne para Asar preparada, flat iron chuck roll

Fajitas, flank

Salsas suggested from our deli: Salsa Nortena, Salsa Aguacate, and Pico de Gallo.

Happy grilling amigos!


Olympics 2016

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Olympics2016 Kicked off yesterday in Brazil and it was so colorful  and energizing to watch.  Watching the olympics is always a fun thing to do with families and friends.  I’m so excited that it’s in brazil, so much culture & beauty! Since most us can’t go to Brazil for this, bring Brazil here! 

If you are planning an olympics viewing get together, have fun & make an event of it! 

Stop in to El Burrito Mercado and grab the following items for your “festa” viewing party! 

Start with bright decorative colors for the table like runners or placemats from our gift & decor area.

Guarana beverages (in cans or 2liter) a refreshing tasty soda.

Have your own “churrasco” which is basically a skewer style barbecue- add vegetables like corn or zucchini too. Our carnicera (butcher shop) and produce is full of options.

And complete your “festa” with white rice and beans  (Try Goya’s beans) and a beautiful leafy salad or research Brazilian Salpicao salad (a creamy chicken and shoestring potato salad),  

Bom Proveito! (Portuguese) 

Buen Provecho, Bon (good)Appetite

La Familia

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Stop by with the familia to St Paul westside community Famila expo for information and family fun.  El Burrito Mercado will be selling snacks and there are educational opportunities for Latino families.

Activities are inside Wellstone Center located directly behind El Burrito Mercado where we also be selli gvtacos and elotes. 

We are Growing! 

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Great article in Pioneer Press, such an exciting time! 

El Burrito is expanding!

Feliz Navidad & Happy New Year!

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elburrito logo

Some of the friendly faces you’ll see hard work at El Burrito Mercado, they are dedicated, loyal, and so hard working! Our staff put their heart into what they do, our management team leads with passion and dedication, they are the absolute best, we would not continue growing if it were not for the wonderful people that I am so blessed to work with! Gracias companeros, que Dios los bendiga siempre, y Feliz Navidad!

2015 was an excellent year for us, interesting, typically January -February are slow months, however, 2015 started strong and remained strong.  It was very unpredictable, though it was great, we are ending exceeding our sales forecast, and that feels great! What’s more, 2016 looks even more promising.

My two biggest challenges(there were several) this year were the closing of our location at Midtown Global Market,  it was a meaningful lesson for me to always listen to that little voice and follow your instinct (trust yourself), and employee turnover was especially challenging this year.  I realized it was a trend across the food service industry and many restaurants were suffering in this way, booming restaurant business throughout the twin cities, but no food service employees.   It was extremely frustrating to have a growing business and to be short staffed, I was so concerned that it would backfire on me because if strong customer service suffered, it could inevitably affect continued growth.  And, employees were working overtime, I was concerned they’d burn out. Thankfully, towards last quarter, things turned around and we are doing great!

And the two most outstanding highlights for me, the approval for multi-phase expansion projects which includes restrooms added to the Cafe & Bar which allows for us to finally stay open later in the bar, a walk in cooler/freezer adjacent to the kitchen, a corridor build between the restaurant cafeteria line direct to kitchen, outdoor patio, and pending final phase approval is the expansion of our Cafe & Bar space for banquet room for private parties, classes, and overflow seating. The second highlight, is that we purchased the Placita (open space) which is the open lot next to our building, this year it will primarily be utilized for private events and for rent, however the ultimate goal is to create an extended patio for the restaurant with a traditional patio with family fiestas on the weekends including Mexican folkloric dancers, Mariachi, and other daytime family entertainment.

It’s all very exciting, and like all large phased projects, it will take time and patience to accomplish these goals, we look forward to share the updates and invite you to the grand openings.

And to all of you, our dear loyal customers, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!   We are so ever grateful to our staff and to all of you for your loyalty and support this past year!

Con Carino,