Tacos de Carne Asada

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“Which meat should I use for making carne asada?” It’s the numero uno question from customers seeking la experiencia mexicana and wanting to mexicanize their summer picnics. Carne asada literally means ‘grilled meat’, we tend to use it loosely “let’s have carne asada” is the equivalent to saying “let’s have a picnic”.

Minnesota Beef Council  sponsoring the 12 days of grilling and featured on channel 5 Twin Cities Live.

As seen on the TCLive segment,  I suggested for carne asadas from our El Burrito Mercado13909197_1007759459341639_6569780300759430826_o carniceria (meat market):

Arrachera, thinly sliced skirt steak

Diezmillo, thinly sliced sirloin chuck steak

Carne para Asar preparada, flat iron chuck roll

Fajitas, flank

Salsas suggested from our deli: Salsa Nortena, Salsa Aguacate, and Pico de Gallo.

Happy grilling amigos!



Olympics 2016

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Olympics2016 Kicked off yesterday in Brazil and it was so colorful  and energizing to watch.  Watching the olympics is always a fun thing to do with families and friends.  I’m so excited that it’s in brazil, so much culture & beauty! Since most us can’t go to Brazil for this, bring Brazil here! 

If you are planning an olympics viewing get together, have fun & make an event of it! 

Stop in to El Burrito Mercado and grab the following items for your “festa” viewing party! 

Start with bright decorative colors for the table like runners or placemats from our gift & decor area.

Guarana beverages (in cans or 2liter) a refreshing tasty soda.

Have your own “churrasco” which is basically a skewer style barbecue- add vegetables like corn or zucchini too. Our carnicera (butcher shop) and produce is full of options.

And complete your “festa” with white rice and beans  (Try Goya’s beans) and a beautiful leafy salad or research Brazilian Salpicao salad (a creamy chicken and shoestring potato salad),  

Bom Proveito! (Portuguese) 

Buen Provecho, Bon (good)Appetite

La Familia

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Stop by with the familia to St Paul westside community Famila expo for information and family fun.  El Burrito Mercado will be selling snacks and there are educational opportunities for Latino families.

Activities are inside Wellstone Center located directly behind El Burrito Mercado where we also be selli gvtacos and elotes. 

We are Growing! 

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Great article in Pioneer Press, such an exciting time! 

El Burrito is expanding!

Feliz Navidad & Happy New Year!

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elburrito logo

Some of the friendly faces you’ll see hard work at El Burrito Mercado, they are dedicated, loyal, and so hard working! Our staff put their heart into what they do, our management team leads with passion and dedication, they are the absolute best, we would not continue growing if it were not for the wonderful people that I am so blessed to work with! Gracias companeros, que Dios los bendiga siempre, y Feliz Navidad!

2015 was an excellent year for us, interesting, typically January -February are slow months, however, 2015 started strong and remained strong.  It was very unpredictable, though it was great, we are ending exceeding our sales forecast, and that feels great! What’s more, 2016 looks even more promising.

My two biggest challenges(there were several) this year were the closing of our location at Midtown Global Market,  it was a meaningful lesson for me to always listen to that little voice and follow your instinct (trust yourself), and employee turnover was especially challenging this year.  I realized it was a trend across the food service industry and many restaurants were suffering in this way, booming restaurant business throughout the twin cities, but no food service employees.   It was extremely frustrating to have a growing business and to be short staffed, I was so concerned that it would backfire on me because if strong customer service suffered, it could inevitably affect continued growth.  And, employees were working overtime, I was concerned they’d burn out. Thankfully, towards last quarter, things turned around and we are doing great!

And the two most outstanding highlights for me, the approval for multi-phase expansion projects which includes restrooms added to the Cafe & Bar which allows for us to finally stay open later in the bar, a walk in cooler/freezer adjacent to the kitchen, a corridor build between the restaurant cafeteria line direct to kitchen, outdoor patio, and pending final phase approval is the expansion of our Cafe & Bar space for banquet room for private parties, classes, and overflow seating. The second highlight, is that we purchased the Placita (open space) which is the open lot next to our building, this year it will primarily be utilized for private events and for rent, however the ultimate goal is to create an extended patio for the restaurant with a traditional patio with family fiestas on the weekends including Mexican folkloric dancers, Mariachi, and other daytime family entertainment.

It’s all very exciting, and like all large phased projects, it will take time and patience to accomplish these goals, we look forward to share the updates and invite you to the grand openings.

And to all of you, our dear loyal customers, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!   We are so ever grateful to our staff and to all of you for your loyalty and support this past year!

Con Carino,






Las Posadas & Mexican Holiday Foods & Traditions

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The holidays for Mexicanos & Latinos is a rich religious experience, literally and figuratively.
We kick off December with honoring and celebrating La Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12 with songs, prayers, dance, and celebration.  The story and beliefs of La Virgen is a beautiful story of faith, perseverance, and miracles, it’s one I personally embrace culturally and spiritually.  I recently shared with a woman who was unfamiliar with the story, and she was moved by my passion and excitement as I shared the beautiful experience, I go to the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe located at 401 Concord St, St. Paul, MN it’s a real goosebump experience, hundreds of people visit from Dec 11-12, believers bring hundreds of dozens of roses, songs, and even traditonal dance, families give away tamales in honor of La Virgen, it’s really a beautiful thing to witness, and in today’s ugliness, faith, hope, and prayer is much needed!  Information for the celebration masses are here: http://www.olgspchurch.com/
In summary, las posadas are a spiritual travel with Mary & Joseph seeking an inn for bringing baby Jesus into this world.  It’s a prayerful re-enactment for the nine nights before Christmas with prayers, song, and yup, sharing of traditional holiday foods. (This is the traditional posada, often times the expression “vamos a hacer una posada” (we are going to have a posada)  really just means we are going to have a holiday party).  Many families and some local churches host posadas, it’s a fun Christmas experience, it gets me in the spirit.
And one of the favorite parts of posadas and Christmas is the food! Below is a list of the most Mexican traditional holiday foods.
TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY MEALS, I’ve linked the foods to recipes I find to be easy to follow, authentic, and the ingredients you’ll find at El Burrito Mercado.

Roasted Adobada Pork Leg, or the Roasted Pork Leg in a variety of savory marinades.

Most families, will also traditionally serve tamales, which will vary with family traditions or the regional customs. Here you can find the links for the
Tamales Huastecos (from the region of Veracruz and Huasteca Area), Pork Tamales, and the very popular Chicken in Green Sauce Tamales.
Tamales Oaxaquenas most common in the southern of Mexico, a plantain banana leaf is used to wrap the masa and filling delights. Common fillings are chicken, shrimp, and pork.
Tamales Tradicionales I’ve shared in abundance about tamales! We have a variety of flavors stocked, chicken, pork, vegetarian, sweet and more during the holidays!
Tamales Variety
Pozole is an easy and popular soup that is prepared for the holiday season, spicy, tasty, filling, and easy!
Romeritos – is a Mexican dish from Southern Mexico, consisting of sprigs of a wild plant known as seepweed. In Spanish it is known as romerito. That name in English means “little rosemary”, but seepweeds do not resemble such plant, it’s most traditional in a red mole sauce with tortitas de camaron ‘shrimp fritter’.
Salted Cod-Bacalao Navideño
And finally, to end with a sweet treats,
Buñuelos is a must for posadas and Christmas! My mom loves it without the sugar/cinnamon coating and instead makes miel dulce from piloncillo, anise, and some guava chunks!
weddings cookies, which are popular mostly in the northern states.

Atole – Is a popular hot, thick, flavored corn starch based beverage, popular flavors are vanilla, strawberry, or guava. Champurrado is a chocolate and masa base hot drink.

Ponche –hot fruit punch simmered with tejocotes, tamarindo, guava and sweetened with piloncillo (brown sugar, molasses flavored, cone shaped sweetener), anise, cinnamon sticks.

Felices Posadas Amigos!